sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

Questionário para ajudar nas ligações das famílias americanas!! =)

Oiee meninas!

Como vocês estão?!?!

Tive uns problemas, mas agora tah tudo bem!

Parabéns para as meninas que conseguiram o visto, família ou que ficaram online... Tudo de bom para todas...

Se alguém precisar de alguma coisa eh soh pedir ajuda... =)

Estou refazendo meu vídeo, tive uma idéia melhor depois dele pronto... '¬¬

Nesse post eu quero deixar um Questionário que eu tenho, na verdade eu peguei do blog do Club Au Pair, um questionário que uma antiga au pair fez para ajudar nas ligações com as famílias, para quem não tem perguntas é uma boa base, eu usei quase todas quando falei com famílias...


1. Sorry, I don't understand. Can you repeat, please?
2. Can you speak slowly, please?

· How many children do you have?
· What are their names and how old are they?
· Bebê: Is she/he walking and talking yet?
· Are they energetic or calm kids?
· Are they in the school? (Se sim) How they go to school? (Se for de carro) Will I take them to school by car? Do the children study in the morning or in the afternoon?
· When are they on vacation?
· Do the children study another language?
· Do they have another activity besides the school? Do you expect me to go with them?
· What do they like to do in their free time?
· What are their favorite games and toys?
· How is the children’s routine?
· Could you explain the child care duties in detail?
· What do they usually eat? (for breakfast and lunch)
· Do you expect me to cook for them?
· Do the children sleep out? (Se sim) Do you expect me to sleep out with them?
· Will I have to take the children to the doctor or dentist?
· Do the kids suffer from any kind of allergies?

· Where do you live?
· Is it a small or big town?
· Is it near a big city? Which one?
· How is the weather in your city? Snow there? Is there a beach there?
· Is the public transportation accessible?
· What things are there to do in your city?
· Which is the nearest airport?
· Can you pick me up from the airport?

· Do you live in house or apartment?
· How is your house?
· How many people living there?
· How many rooms does it have?
· Is the au pair’s room individual or will I have to share it with somebody else? (Se sim) Who is this person?
· Where is the au pair’s room in the house? Can you describe it?
· What equipments are in the room?
TV, radio, computer.
· Can I have access to internet?
· Will I have a private bathroom?
· While I’m there, nobody will sleep with me in the room, right?
· Do you have pets? (Se sim) What kind and is my responsibility to take care of them?
· Do you have a housekeeper? (Se sim) How often? Is she living there?
· Will I be responsible for any housework duties? (Se sim) Which ones?
· Are there other families with children nearby?
· Are there any other au pairs in the area?
· What things are there to do with the children?
· Do you do many dinners or parties or you receive a lot of people in your house?
· Do family members or relatives live nearby?
· What are the house's rules?
· Are there language schools near your house?
· lavar roupa – terei que comprar sabão?

· What is your name? And what is your husband’s or wife’s name?
· Were you born and bred in USA? And your husband/wife?
· How old are you? And your husband/wife?
· Do you work? And your husband/wife?
· Where do you work and what do you do? And your husband/wife?
· What time do you work?
· Are you pregnant? (Se sim) When is the baby born?
· What language do you generally speak in the house?
· Do you follow a special diet?
· What kind of food do you eat?
· Is there any kind of food that you don't eat?
· Does anybody smoke in the house?
· Do you travel to work often?
· What are the family activities on the weekends? Can I go with you?
· Do you travel on your vocation? And on children’s vocation?
· Do you expect me to travel with you on your vocation?
· Do you have any religion?
· What are your hobbies?
· What kind of music do you like?
· What time do you go to bed?
· What time do you get up? And the children?
· Which are your cultural habits?
· How are commemorated the Christmas, New Year and birthdays in the USA?
· Have you ever been in Brazil? (Se sim) Did you like? (Se não) Would you like to visit here?

· Have you ever had an au pair before? Which nationality?
· Is she living with you yet? (Se sim) Would you mind if I ask you to talk to her or send her an e-mail? Can you pass me her email or can I talk to her?
· Did you like the experience with an au pair?
· How is the au pair seen by you?
· What qualities do you find important in an au Pair? What are you expecting from me?
· Some au pair returned before completing one year? (Se sim) Why?
· What are the rules for au pair to bring over friends such as other au pairs or parents?
· What will be my responsibilities with each kid?
· What will my schedule be like?
· Will I have time to study? What time? Can I study when the children are in the school?
· Can I go out in my free time?
· What time can I get home during the week and on the weekend?
· Can I receive and make phone calls in your house? Can I receive letters?
· Will I have a key copy of the house?
· Will I have to take bed and bath clothes?
· When will be my rest day?
· Do I need to work all the weekend?
· How the wage is paid? In cash?

· How many cars do you have?
· What kind of car do you have automatic or standard?
· Will I have permission to use the car? How often? How far?
· Who will pay for the gas when I use the car?
· Can I use the car to go to study?
· Can I use the car for my personal use during my free time? In this case, who will pay for the gas?

· What do you think about the family? And the kids?
· Are they nice with you?
· Do they pay you weekly or per month?
· Do you do extra work? I mean, if you work for other people, take care of their kids or clean the garden from neighborhood?
· Do you do any course? If so, are the courses near from the house?
· How are the kids and the family in your opinion?
· Is there any cool near place to go there?
· What do you most like to do in your free time?
· What do you think they would like to receive as a gift?

· Would you like me to take something from Brazil for you? What kind of things? Anything special?

Tudo de bom para todas vocês!!!

Beijoo... sz